At Nelson's we hold the Custom Clothing Experience at the highest of values. Every measure is taken to fully understand the needs and physical build of each client, which is then translated through artistic and technical design into a true work of art.


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2. Select & customize your garment

At your appointment, you are our guest. Each custom clothing experience is held at our 36 Club. First you will tell us what you are wanting from the thousands of garments we offer, whether it is as big as a full suit or as simple as just a shirt. We will carefully go through and pick out every detail of your garment, including thread color, button options, and more. No detail is too small.

3. Measure

We will then take precise measurements, ensuring the fit is exactly tailored to your body. One of the best parts about custom clothing, is the custom fit. This product is made to fit your body.

4. Final Fitting

After we receive your one of a kind garment, we will have you come back in for a final fitting and have our in house tailoring department make any adjustments if needed. Please acknowledge it usually take 5-6 weeks to make and receive your garments.

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